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Bringing our resources out into the community helps break down barriers and gets more basic needs into the hands and homes of West Michigan residents needing them most. 

After our first successful Pop-Up Shop in December of 2020, the entire In The Image community was asking for more. Pop-Up Shops are designed to meet the need right where the need is - in the community!

In order to do that, we load up racks and shelves from our Free Store into our truck and take our services on the road. Whether it's a Pop-Up for coats, personal hygiene items, S.H.O.E.S., or a variety of different items you'd find in our Free Store, we are dedicated to providing hope, dignity, and respect to even more with the introduction of this new program!

How To Support Pop-Up Shops

We need your help to the most basic essentials to individuals and families in crisis! Funding, in-kind donations, and people power are needed for this program to reach more community members. Please consider volunteering, donating, or sponsoring this program.

Sponsor a Pop-Up Shop

Thousands of dollars are required to make our Pop-Up Shop program successful, and we cannot do it without the support from our community. We would love to partner with your organization or business! 

Detailed sponsorship information will be coming to the website soon!

Interested in sponsoring a Pop-Up Shop? 
Email or call 616.456.6150

Request a Pop-Up

While we cannot fulfill all Pop-Up Shop requests due to limited resources, if your organization would like to request a Pop-Up, please complete this form. 

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