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Project Wish List

We are always looking for extra help on special projects. If you are interested in helping with one of the following projects, please contact us at 616.456.6150. Your Boy Scout or Girl Scout Troop, School, Church, Company, or even YOU - could make a difference at In The Image. Thank you!


We work hard all year to make sure we have enough shoes for SHOES!


We your help providing confidence through a new pair of back-to-school shoes for Shoes Help Our Elementary Students! Please considering helping with one of the following: 

  • Host a "Fill a Shoe Box" Drive - we provide the Shoe Box, your school, company, church, or neighborhood fill it with spare change, checks, or cash to help purchase new shoes for Shoes Help Our Elementary Students! 

  • Host a Sock Drive

  • Host a School Supplies and New Books Drive

  • Volunteer at events or schools to promote SHOES

  • Help find a manufacturer or distributor to help with the purchase of 6,000 pairs of shoes and continue to grow the program! 

Behind the Scenes!

There is so much to do at In The Image - we need help with every detail!

If you like to organize and help behind the scenes, there is something for everyone! 

  • Direct Calls to the Proper Destination

  • Mentor an Intern 

  • Host a Fundraising Event

  • Recruit Volunteers!

  • Call Donors to Say Thank You!

  • Sponsorship Team Member

  • Participate in a committee - SHOES, Free Store, Fundraising, or Volunteer

  • Become a Board Member

Free Store Volunteers

Become a Personal Shopper or Bring in a Group to Volunteer!


We are always looking for volunteers to help in our Free Store! Some of the projects or volunteer jobs we need help with include: 

  • Sorting, Hanging, and Stocking

  • Host a Furniture Drive and clean all furniture

  • Host Clothing Drive - new and gently-used clothing

  • Update Signage and Resource Area in Free Store

  • IT support - new phones, client software, and computers

Our Facility Needs Help!

We take pride in serving the community, but our building needs help!

We have owned our building for 20 years now, but the maintenance of an old building can be costly. We need extra help with the upkeep. 

  • A Fence Around the Parking Lot

  • Siding Repair/Replacement

  • Update Signage on Building

  • Security System - Purchase and Installation 

  • Interior Paint

Brian's Basic Needs Room

Provide the most basic items!

We look to provide a great shopping experience, just like any other store - but we need help finding the basic items and having them stocked for emergency situations. Please consider serving in Brian's Basic Needs Room: 

  • Host a Drive for Basic Needs 

  • Sort and Inventory Donated Items

  • Approach Businesses to Help Stock

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