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Create Change in Your Community 

Join an exclusive community of donors who are dedicated to making a change. 

Each month you have the ability to directly impact the families and individuals in our community! By becoming a monthly donor, you'll be part of The Changing Room - our new Monthly Giving Community, a group committed to creating change in our community by helping us provide hope, dignity, and respect each month.


Recurring monthly donations are easy to set up online and come out of your account automatically each month. Committing to a monthly donation allows more of your gift to go toward our mission by cutting down on administrative costs and contributes to our sustainability by providing us with regular support.

Why Join The Changing Room?


Provides someone with items we often take for granted, like a toothbrush or pair of warm socks. 


Helps keep our Brian's Basic Needs Room stocked with baby basics for struggling families. 


A month buys brand new shoes for our S.H.O.E.S. program for students each school year


Provides our Free Store members with the best shopping experience money does not have to buy


Ensures that our Emergency Survival Sacks are available to all who need them

Any Monthly Gift 

No matter the size - helps provide hope, dignity, and respect! 

Make a monthly commitment to provide hope today!

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